I just got my first pair of doubles!! :D from a grocery store.. but I’m so stoked to learn some stuff and see if I’d like to throw an extra hoop into my daily routine :) time to get all ninja with this shit!excuse the stoned squidward expression, I was having trouble taking a nice picture.
Sarah bowls ftw
what the fuck is this doing on my computer
i’m not actually a ghost don’t worry
Finally got around to getting my conch pierced after years of wanting such a simple piercing :pmy cat being adorable and cuddling me was completely unintended. 
hey guys
Been Skyping with the loveliest boy I know for the past 12 hours, sleep deprived with this delicious-ass pizza.Happy Sarah along with some puffy cheeks :) hope you guys are feeling just as lovely as I am today haha.
butt chins are for winners

can we all just take a moment to appreciate how lovely I was when I was 13

hello alloh god i am so bored 
is this salsa
so spicy
more people talk to me plz